Who Am I?



A quick rundown of my background; I grew up on the westside of Washington State near Seattle & lived over there for most of my life. The westside & the city were all I knew & all I was comfortable with. I started working when I was 15, accumulating a variety of different jobs & skills. My most tenured position was as a sales representative at Sprint, where I spent 5 years, following with a year at AT&T.

I've had A LOT of jobs, probably more than 30 & all with something invaluable to teach me. I was never one to stick to a single gig, there's just way too much out there to learn & experience. I never want to limit myself!


What's My Story?

When I was 26 I made a life changing decision to lose all the things I felt were holding me back from the life I really wanted, the life I felt I was meant to live.

I quit my job, let go of my apartment, ended a two year relationship, removed toxic family members from my life, got rid of all meaningless belongings, downsized myself & my two cats into my Honda CR-V I had at the time, & moved down by the river in Leavenworth, WA to be a whitewater raft guide & dirtbag climber! All within a week.

Sound crazy? I totally get it, to some it is, but for me that's just how I operate. This extreme, proactive spontaneity has yet to steer me wrong. 


What Am I Doing Here?

Fast forward 5 years — I'm 31, I'm an Alpine Ski Instructor in the winter, living in the mountains with my two cats & my amazing mountain man boyfriend, recreating as much as I want. I spend my time rock climbing, mountain biking, rafting, hiking, road tripping, crafting — all the things! Pinch me, I'm living my best life fam! All I wanted was to be able to do the things I love to do for fun, to experience as much as I can. That has always been the goal.

I was drowning before this new life, unable to financially keep my head above water & still participate in my life the way I wanted. I chose to minimize the distractions in my life & live within my means. I found a way to do what I enjoy doing in pretty much all aspects of my existence & I feel SO fortunate to be where I am. Am I working or playing? I never really know, it is all the same to me & this has brought immense happiness & peace to my life.

I passionately enjoy inspiring others & encouraging them to chase their dreams, even when we don't think we can. 

Are you chasing yours?