I’m Destonee & I'm the individual
behind "Girl In The Wild"

 Years ago I started searching for something more out of my life & a way to push myself. I wanted something new, something that would take me out of my comfort zone & help me grow into my own person, a better person.

 The way I grew up & the atmosphere at home was not one that fostered positive growth or security. I started clinging to relationships I knew were bad, just to get me out of the house & away from my mom. This dysfunctional behavior had, over the years, soiled my spirit & put me in the way of much more pain than I needed to experience. Had I been strong enough to face my burdens I would have gone down a completely different path —

but I didn’t.

 In 2017 I had enough. At the end of my ropes with yet another incredibly unhealthy relationship, no change in dynamic between my mom & I, no joy in my professional life & increasing anxiety about trying to survive in the city, I reached the life changing decision to uproot myself from everything I knew. There HAD to be a better, more free way to live, because falling into debt & working to live was definitely NOT the dream. Thus “Girl In The Wild” really formed…

 My story & reason for the way I live is something that I want to share in hopes of liberating, inspiring & empowering people of all backgrounds & upbringings. I especially want to reach women who feel trapped, lost, unsure, scared or anything other than in tune with their highest power. I see you, I've been you & I want to help you nurture your strength.

 My store is something I've wanted to bring to fruition for a long time. I'm excited to finally make this happen. As for my blog, I cover EVERYTHING — from adventure, independence, family, mental health, financial struggles/success to politics, the environment, human rights, animal welfare & everything in between. Most importantly, this is a safe space; to explore, ask questions, learn…& maybe take steps to grow into your own adventure with more confidence. 

— D